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Our Approach


We pack and deliver all of our products in plain brown packaging, ensuring a safe and discreet trackable delivery service.

Most of our products are letterbox friendly and will easily fit through a standard UK letterbox ensuring your parcel is safely delivered. We use recyclable material so once you have finished with your products, throw it all in to recycling!

Your order will always goes through multiple stages of clinical and accuracy checking by our GPhC standard qualified staff to ensure you get the correct product, every time.

We are constantly improving and thinking of ways in which we can build a better system for you to make access to our services hassle free. We use a state of the art robot to indivually prepare your medicine ensuring accurate dose dispensation which is hassle free to take. These unit doses are personalised to match your medication


Manual is regulated by two bodies, the MHRA and the GPhC. These bodies ensure we are safely selling medication to you.

The MHRA regulates medicinal products within the UK, having their logo on our website gives you confidence that our products are genuine and safe, as your health always comes first.

The GPhC regulates all pharmacies in the UK. Their distance selling logo on our website shows we are operating to the required standards of our governing body. “The principles for registered pharmacies, and the standards that must be met, are all equally important.” GPhC on distance selling pharmacies. A senior team led by a GPhC registered Superintendent Pharmacist ensures strict adherence to these principles and standards.

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