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Best Rest Plan

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All-natural blends to induce relaxation and rejuvenation

Made from purely natural, non-addictive ingredients, this combo will gently support you as you surrender into a deeply restful state and awake renewed.
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Who’s it for?

If you find your thoughts racing after a long day and need help unwinding, this plan could be for you. The natural, non-psychoactive ingredients in CBD Nights induce a deep sense of relaxation without knocking you out. The supplement also includes 5-HTP, an amino acid which the body converts into serotonin - the ‘happy hormone’ - and then melatonin. Meanwhile Good Nights works throughout the night to deliver a blend of botanicals, herbs and vitamins that will help you rise and shine the next morning.

How do I take it?

We’ve kept things simple - unlike most CBD concentrates out there, ours comes in capsule not oil form, so you won’t have to fiddle with any pipettes. Simply take one CBD Nights capsule and one Good Nights capsule with water an hour before bed every night.

Are there any side effects?

CBD is safe and generally well tolerated. Unlike cannabis, CBD does not contain THC, so you won’t feel “high”. Good Nights is made with entirely natural ingredients and has no side effects.

An all-natural duo designed to enhance rest
Relax before bed
Relax before bed
CBD induces a deep sense of relaxation, helping you switch off before bedtime.
Night-long support
Night-long support
Slow-release beadlet technology promotes rest and helps you wake up feeling refreshed.
Fight fatigue
Fight fatigue
Vitamin B6 and tart cherry aid in the production of sleep hormones.
Improved mood
Improved mood
5-HTP is converted into serotonin, the 'happy hormone’.
All natural
All natural
Both non-prescription supplements are non-addictive, non-psychoactive and natural.
Safe long-term
Safe long-term
All our treatments are scientifically proven to be safe for long term use.
Dr. Earim Chaudry, Medical Director
You will start seeing results within 2 weeks and sustained benefits over 3 months
What's included
A powerful duo for relaxing evenings and restful mornings
CBD Nights

Induces a deep sense of relaxation using effective natural ingredients

Night-time relaxation
Night-time relaxation
TypeNatural supplement
FormatImmediate release gel capsule
Active ingredientsCBD and 5HTP
Good nights

Reduces tiredness and fatigue using effective natural ingredients

Quality sleep
Quality sleep
TypeNatural supplement
FormatLong release capsule
Active ingredientsTart Cherry, Chamomile, Lemon Balm
Why we recommend this plan
Our CBD Nights and Good Nights supplements are a great combo consisting purely of natural ingredients. CBD Nights relaxes you before bed, while Good Nights helps you feel rested throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed, thanks to its slow-release technology.
Earim, Medical Director
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Been using Good nights now for approx three months and it has significantly improved the quality of my sleep. I sleep longer and deeper when I have had a tablet. Very much recommend.
Mark Bromhead. Trustpilot
Best Rest Plan: Everything you need to know
Curated by Dr. Earim Chaudry, Manual Medical Director

Designed for those who need help winding down in the evening and getting going in the morning without relying on prescription medication, this plan combines CBD Nights, our natural blend that induces a deep sense of relaxation, with Good Nights, our natural supplement that reduces tiredness and fatigue.

A popular natural remedy used by 1.6 million people in the UK, CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is one of more than 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Our CBD Nights supplement combines this relaxation-inducing ingredient with 5-HTP, an amino acid which the body converts into serotonin - the ‘happy hormone’ - and then melatonin - the ‘sleep hormone’. And while it’s wonderful to be able to switch off in the evening, it’s equally as important to be able to wake up feeling refreshed - that’s where Good Nights comes in. The high-quality supplement’s patented slow-release beadlet technology allows the active ingredients - which help you rise and shine - to be released at different stages throughout the night. 

Together, this duo brings a sense of tranquillity into your mind and body and leaves you feeling refreshed the next morning.

What are the benefits of an all-natural approach?

Unlike a lot of prescription meds, our all-natural supplements are non-addictive and safe to take every day - in fact they’re most effective when taken consistently. Our experts have combined high-quality ingredients with cutting-edge technology to create an effective blend which supports rest without leaving you feeling groggy in the morning.

How does CBD interact with the body?

Our bodies already produce chemicals that are similar to cannabinoids called “endocannabinoids” - the word literally means cannabis-like substances that occur naturally inside us. In fact, we have a whole endocannabinoid system which keeps our internal environment stable and regulates various processes, such as pain, sleep, mood, immunity, memory, and stress. Because of this chemical similarity, CBD integrates very easily into our bodies.

How can this help me sleep better long term?

This duo works best as part of a holistic approach towards building consistent sleeping patterns and improving the quality of your rest. We know that everyone’s sleep cycles are unique so in order to see long-term benefits we recommend supporting your treatments with changes to your routine, such as going to bed and getting up at the same times each day, and avoiding blue light before bed - you can explore our recommendations in the sleep advice section of your account.

When should I start treatments?

Whether you’ve tried prescription medication to help you unwind and found that it wasn’t for you, or you feel like you need a herbal helping hand to relax before bed, it’s worth trying our Natural Relaxation Plan. Alongside making changes to your evening routine, this all-natural, non-addictive combo will gently support you as you fall into a state of relaxation without leaving you feeling groggy in the morning.

How long should I take these for?

Everyone’s unique, so ultimately it’s at your discretion. The Natural Relaxation Plan is designed to be part of your everyday routine as the supplements are most effective when taken regularly. The all-natural ingredients are completely safe for long-term use.

Are these treatments safe?

Yes, all of our treatments are safe and non-addictive. Unlike THC, another chemical compound found in cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive which means it does not make you feel high. We source high-quality CBD that is free from contaminants, sulphates and parabens as well as gluten, sugar, and artificial sweeteners - because what you leave out is as important as what you leave in. Good Nights is a non-prescription supplement made with entirely natural ingredients and has no side effects.

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Dr Earim Chaudry
Medical Director
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