How does Wegovy work?

The active ingredient in Wegovy is Semaglutide.

Semaglutide works by reducing a person’s appetite and cravings, allowing someone to consume less and feel fuller for longer. On top of this, Semaglutide allows you to lose weight for a longer period of time without your body fighting to maintain your weight, known as a set point.

Wegovy should be used in tandem with making healthier choices, including a balanced, low-calorie diet and increased physical activity.



You inject Wegovy once per week, increasing your dosage every month.



Wegovy mimics the GLP-1 hormone to regulate your appetite and slow down your digestive process, resulting in fewer hunger cues and higher levels of satiety.



As a result, you consume fewer calories. In turn, a lower calorie consumption leads to weight loss.

Wegovy release date UK

Wegovy has not yet been released in the UK.

The MHRA authorised Wegovy in September 2021 and it is expected to become available for purchase in late 2023.

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How much will Wegovy cost in the UK?

The cost of Wegovy in the UK will vary depending on where you purchase it from and the period your treatment plan spans.

Wegovy weight loss results

Wegovy was made available in the United States in mid-2021. Prior to release, Wegovy was trialled in various clinical studies to measure it’s weight loss impact, side effects, and suitability.

In June 2021, Wegovy was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a weight management medication.

Since then, many patients have used Wegovy as an integral part of their weight loss journey.

Does Wegovy really work for weight loss?

Wegovy is a trialed and tested weight loss medication that does work. Results, on average, are a significant 15% loss of overall body weight.

The rate of weight loss, and sustainability of this weight loss long term, will depend on the changes you are making to nutrition and diet, lifestyle and activity levels.

Clinical trial: Wegovy and weight loss results

Clinical trials have proven the medication’s effectiveness for weight loss, concluding in 5x more weight loss than through diet and exercise alone.

Novo Nordisk – the manufacturers of Wegovy – ran a large clinical trial over 68 weeks with almost 2000 adult participants.

Every participant had a body mass index of 27+ with patients falling into two categories:

  1. A BMI of 30+
  2. or a BMI of 27+ with a medical condition related to their weight

The average starting weight for both groups was 105.4 kg.

Participants were assigned either a Wegovy treatment plan or a placebo. Both groups, were also supported to follow a reduced-calorie diet and routine physical activity.

The results from the trial are indicated below:

Loss of body weight ⬇️% of participants in the Wegovy group% of participants in the Placebo group
5%+ body weight loss83%31%
10%+ body weight loss66%12%
15%+ body weight loss48%5%

By the end of the 68-week trial, the Wegovy group reduced their body weight by around 15% (or 15.9 kg on average.)

The placebo group, on the other hand, lost only 2.5% of their body weight (or 2.7 kg on average.)

While both groups were assigned a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity, this trial demonstrated that you can lose significantly more weight when using Wegovy in tandem with the necessary adjustments for weight loss than through diet and exercise alone.

How do I know if Wegovy will work for me?

Each individual responds differently to medication.

Wegovy results in weight loss for the majority of patients. Your rate of weight loss will depend on a variety of factors:

  • Your starting weight
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your activity levels
  • Your current diet
  • Your overall health condition
  • Your age
  • Your sex

It is important to attend routine follow-ups to track and monitor your weight loss progress. Your healthcare providers can assess whether Wegovy is working for you and how you can maximise weight loss.

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How long does Wegovy take to work?

After injecting your first dose of Semaglutide (Wegovy) the medication gets to work immediately.

As you increase the strength of dose, you should notice that you are beginning to feel fuller after eating. This will signify that Wegovy is working for you.

In terms of weight loss, the length of time it takes to see evident results will differ from person to person. The changes to your diet as well as your activity levels will influence the pace of your weight loss results.

Everyone has a unique weight loss journey.

You may see weight loss from your first month of treatment while taking the lowest dose of 0.25 mg. For others, the effects of Wegovy may not be visible until they have reached the full treatment dose of.

How to maximise weight loss with Wegovy

Wegovy has proven to reduce more body weight than dieting and exercise alone.

When using Wegovy as a weight loss treatment, there are ways to maximise your weight loss and the rate of which you lose it, whilst still considering your physical health.

  • When taking Wegovy, you should be mindful of nourishing your body with the right foods. Your diet should include:

    → Whole-grains

    → Lean proteins

    → Healthy fats

    → Fibre-rich foods

  • Exercise should be routine and consistent. A few of the best exercises for weight loss are:

    → Walking

    → Running

    → Swimming

    → Cycling

    → Strength training/ resistance exercise

  • Alongside diet and physical activity, there are other lifestyle adjustments you can make to maximise your weight loss results:

    → Quit (or cut down) on alcohol consumption

    → Prioritise getting enough sleep and rest

    → Reduce your stress levels as much as you can

    → Surround yourself with supportive people

    → Avoid settings where you will struggle to stick to your weight loss plan and new changes.

  • The weight loss journey can feel taxing on your mental health due to the vast amount of physical and emotional change.

    It is, therefore, critical to care for your mental health as much as possible.


    → Reflecting on your journey and celebrating your progress (no matter the pace)

    → Reward yourself for progress, no matter how big or small

    → Being self-compassionate. Everyone makes mistakes during their weight loss journey. Practice self-compassion and view your mistakes as a learning point rather than a set-back.

Who is eligible to take Wegovy?

Wegovy is a powerful weight loss medication that requires a prescription. You cannot purchase Wegovy over the counter.

In order to obtain a prescription for Wegovy, you must meet the eligibility criteria.

Wegovy eligibility criteria

You are suitable for Wegovy if:

✔️ You are an adult (between the ages of 18 and 75)

✔️ You have a BMI of 30 or above OR

✔️ You have a BMI of 27 and above as well as a weight-related condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or asthma.

Can I get Wegovy on the NHS?

Upon release in the UK, it will be possible get Wegovy through the NHS or via a reputable online registered pharmacy. However, you will have to meet strict criteria to get a Wegovy prescription through the NHS. NHS prescriptions of Wegovy will only be available through specialist weight management services which may have long waiting lists. You are likely to start your Wegovy treatment earlier with a private prescription.

Until Wegovy has been released in the UK, Ozempic is an alternative Semaglutide medication that is prescribed off-label for weight loss.

The NHS will only prescribe Ozempic as a treatment for Type II diabetes rather than as a weight loss medication. To begin weight loss treatment with Ozempic, you will need a private prescription.

Can I get Wegovy over the counter?

You cannot get Wegovy over the counter. When Wegovy is released in the UK, you will need to obtain an NHS or private prescription for Wegovy.

This medication is powerful and demands suitability alongside careful monitoring between the patient and healthcare provider.

Alternative weight loss medications to Wegovy

You may be searching for an alternative weight loss medication to Wegovy due to the risk of certain side effects, a lack of eligibility, or personal choice.

Of course, you may also wish to begin your weight loss treatment now rather than wait for Wegovy to be released in the UK.

No matter what the reason, rest assured that there are alternative weight loss medications to Wegovy available.

What are the alternatives to Wegovy for weight loss?

There are six weight loss drugs that are approved by the MHRA for long-term use. Their active ingredients are:

  • Semaglutide (Wegovy)
  • Liraglutide (Saxenda)
  • Orlistat (Xenical or Alli)
  • Phentermine-topiramate (Qsymia)
  • Bupropion-naltrexone (Contrave)

Medications for weight loss that are prescribed off-label, like Ozempic, can also be considered.

Weight loss medication comparison table

Active IngredientFormatStarting DoseMaintenance DoseFrequencyPrescription Type
WegovySemaglutideInjection0.25 mg2.4 mg1 weeklyPrescription only (licensed for weight loss)
OzempicSemaglutideInjection0.25 mg2 mg1 weeklyPrescription only (off-label for weight loss)
RybelsusSemaglutidePill3 mg14 mg1 dailyPrescription only (off-label for weight loss)
SaxendaLiraglutideInjection0.6 mg3 mg1 dailyPrescription only (licensed for weight loss)
TrulicityDulaglutideInjection0.75 mg4.5 mg1 weeklyPrescription only (off-label for weight loss)
XenicalOrlistatPill120 mg120 mg3 dailyPrescription only (licensed for weight loss)
AlliOrlistatPill60 mg60 mg3 dailyOver the counter (licensed for weight loss)
ImcivreeSetmelanotideInjection2 mg3 mg1 dailyPrescription only (licensed for weight loss)
QsymiaPhentermine-topiramatePill3.75 mg/ 23 mg15 mg / 92 mg1 dailyPrescription only (licensed for weight loss)
ContraveNaltrexone and bupropionPill8 mg/ 90 mg32 mg / 360 mg1-2 daily (dosing path dependent)Prescription only (licensed for weight loss)

The differences between Wegovy and alternative weight loss medications

Individuals may react differently to each medication.

It’s for this reason as well as assessing the most appropriate weight loss medication for your unique circumstances that understanding the differences between weight loss medications is worthwhile.

Wegovy vs Ozempic

Wegovy and Ozempic are the same drug and manufactured by the same company: Novo Nordisk.

The difference between Wegovy and Ozempic lies in the dosage strength.

Wegovy is licensed by the MHRA for weight loss and is available in a higher dose, whereas Ozempic is licensed for blood sugar levels management. That said, Ozempic is commonly prescribed off-label when applicable for weight loss.

They work in the same way as the two medications contain the same active ingredient: Semaglutide.

Ozempic may be more suitable if:

💉 You would prefer a lower dose of Semaglutide.

💉 You would like to begin your weight loss treatment soon rather than waiting for Wegovy to be released in the UK.

Active IngredientFormatMethodMaintenance Dose
WegovySemaglutideWeekly injectionAppetite suppressant2.4 mg
OzempicSemaglutideWeekly injectionAppetite suppressant1 mg

In the UK, both Wegovy and Orlistat are registered medications to help manage and reduce body weight.

While Wegovy is a self-injected weekly medication, Orlistat comes in the form of oral tablets that you would need to take 3 times per day in line with (or up to one hour after) eating your main meals.

Orlistat is also available in a lower dose which you can purchase over the counter. This medication is called Alli.

Alli, however, is a less effective treatment for weight loss than Wegovy.

Finally, the way in which these two active ingredients result in weight loss differ. Wegovy is an appetite suppressant while Xenical and Alli cause your body to absorb 33% less fat from your diet.

Xenical or alli may be more suitable if:

💊 You are nervous around needles and would prefer an oral alternative

💊 The side effects of Orlistat-based medications are more manageable (gastrointestinal side effects like urgent bowel movements and fatty or oily stools and spotting rather than common Wegovy side effects of nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and constipation)

💊 You would prefer to purchase weight loss medication over the counter (Alli only.)

 Active IngredientFormatMethodMaintenance Dose
WegovySemaglutideWeekly injectionAppetite suppressant2.4 mg
XenicalOrlistatDaily pillsFat-burner120 mg
AlliOrlistatDaily pillsFat-burner60 mg

Wegovy vs Saxenda

Both Wegovy and Saxenda work by injecting the medication into the body, however Wegovy requires only one administration per week. Saxenda, on the other hand, should be injected once every day.

The two weight loss medications also differ in terms of their active ingredient.

While Wegovy has an active ingredient of Semaglutide, Saxenda’s active ingredient is liraglutide.

In one clinical trial, the impact of Semaglutide vs liraglutide was studied to determine which is more effective for weight loss.

The Semaglutide group saw an average of 15.8% reduction in body weight. In contrast, the liraglutide group saw only an average of 6.4% reduction in body weight.

The differences between Semaglutide and liraglutide are:

  • Semaglutide is a longer-acting medication (injected only once weekly rather than once daily)
  • Semaglutide is more potent than liraglutide (explaining why, in clinical trials, Semaglutide results in higher weight loss results.)

Saxenda may be more suitable if:

💉 You would prefer to reach your maximum dose faster

💉 You would like to begin your weight loss treatment soon rather than waiting for Wegovy to be released in the UK.

Active IngredientFormatMethodMaintenance Dose
WegovySemaglutideWeekly injectionAppetite suppressant2.4 mg
SaxendaLiraglutideDaily injectionAppetite suppressant3 mg

Wegovy vs Rybelsus

Both Wegovy and Rybelsus use Semaglutide as their active ingredient, meaning their weight loss methods are identical.

The differences, however, lie within the format of the medication and dosages.

Wegovy is a once-per-week injection whereas Rybelsus is an oral weight loss medication that should be taken daily.

Wegovy’s dosage is considerably lower than Rybelsus due to being absorbed through an injection. Rybelsus, on the other hand, requires a higher dose to factor in metabolism in the liver and absorption in the gut.


💊 You are nervous around needles and would prefer an oral alternative

💊 You find it easier to remember a daily medication rather than a weekly injection.

Active IngredientFormatMethodMaintenance Dose
WegovySemaglutideWeekly injectionAppetite suppressant2.4 mg
RybelsusSemaglutideDaily pillAppetite suppressant14 mg

Wegovy dosage and dosing path

When considering using Wegovy as a weight loss medication, it is critical to discuss the dosing path with your healthcare professional.

Sticking to the dosing path and diligently self-administering Wegovy is fundamental to weight loss success.

Unlike certain alternative weight loss medications, Wegovy increases in dosage every four weeks until the maintenance dose is reached.

Remember to always consult your healthcare professional should you have any questions or concerns about the Wegovy dosage and dosing path.

  • Your dosing schedule should be outlined by your doctor or healthcare professional when obtaining your Wegovy prescription.

    The recommended starting dose is 0.25 mg, self-administered once per week for four weeks.

    WeeksWeekly Dose
    Month 11 – 40.25 mg
    Month 25 – 80.5 mg
    Month 39 – 121 mg
    Month 413 – 161.7 mg
    Month 517+2.4 mg

    It is important to track your progress and attend follow ups with your healthcare professional to ensure Wegovy is working for you as well as to monitor side effects.

  • The maintenance dose refers to the maximum dose you should take upon reaching the final phase of your dosing schedule.

    For Wegovy, the maintenance dose is 2.4 mg, to be administered once per week.

  • Wegovy should be self-injected once per week every week, increasing in dosage every month.

    To avoid a missed dose and ensure appropriate spacing between treatment, make sure you are injecting your weekly dose on the same day each time.

  • Wegovy needs to be taken on the same day each week.

    Should you miss a dose of Wegovy, follow the guidelines below:

    IF YOUR:


    Take your missed dose as soon as you remember.


    Don’t take your missed dose. Simply continue your schedule as normal.


    Speak with your doctor or a healthcare professional to guide you and plan how to restart your treatment.

Administration: self-injecting Wegovy

When administering Wegovy, try to self-inject in a setting that is calm and quiet without distractions.

Wegovy is a powerful medication that requires careful attention and diligence.

Administering this medication yourself can appear daunting at first, but after your first few injections, the process becomes more manageable.

Use the checklist below to ensure you have completed each step when administering Wegovy.


  • Ensure you have your supplies out and within easy reach:
    • Wegovy pen
    • Alcohol swab or soap and water
    • Gauze pad or cotton ball
    • Sharps disposable container
  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap (thoroughly)


  • Complete checks on your Wegovy pen:
    • Is the pen in-tact (no breakage)?
    • Is the solution clear and colourless?
    • Is the medication in date?
  • Choose your injection site, making sure you rotate this each week to avoid skin reactions and tenderness. Avoid areas where your skin is tender and raised or bruised. Choose from:
    • Your thighs (the front of your upper legs)
    • Your lower stomach (2 inches away from your belly button)
    • Your upper arms
  • Clean your chosen injection site with the alcohol swab and do not touch the area after cleaning
  • Remove your pen cap


  • Push your pen firmly against the skin
  • Ensure you can hear the first of two clicks that indicates the injection has started
  • Listen for the second click that signifies the injection is still ongoing
  • Keep applying adequate pressure until the yellow bar stops moving

Note: the injection should take 5-10 seconds in total.


  • Immediately after use, safely dispose of your pen in a sharps container (do not throw your used needles in a household bin.)
  • Use the gauze pad or cotton ball on any bleeding by applying light pressure.

Injecting Wegovy: safety rules

Administering an injection yourself demands careful attention and prioritising safety.

Ensure you follow the safety rules to avoid infection and dangerous complications.


✔️ Store your medication and needles somewhere children or pets cannot access them

✔️ Keep your medication out of direct sunlight

✔️ Read the Patient Information Leaflet for guidance on safe storage and administration


❌ Reuse needles

❌ Share needles

❌ Use expired medication

❌ Use Wegovy medication if the solution is not clear and colourless

Wegovy side effects and safety precautions

All medications pose a risk of side effects. Wegovy is no different.

Most of Wegovy’s common side effects occur due to the body needing to adjust to the medication, meaning they are often temporary and will pass with time.

That said, it’s important to track any side effects you are experiencing in order to discuss them with a healthcare professional.

While many side effects are often experienced due to a change in hormones and the digestive process, they could be representing a more dangerous condition.

Common side effects of Wegovy

The most common side effects of Wegovy are:

  • Common when your body is adjusting to the medication. Nausea and/or vomiting will generally end after you have become accustomed to Wegovy, or make appropriate changes to your diet.

  • Constipation or diarrhoea may occur due to the adjustments occurring in your digestive system. These Wegovy side effects will often go away on their own after your body adapts to the new pace of digestion.

  • Abdominal pain and bloating are common Wegovy side effects during early stages of treatment. This is due to the body adapting to new pace of digestion. Usually, this side effect will stop after adjusting to the medication and making appropriate changes to your diet.

  • Gas, belching and heartburn are common during early stages of treatment due to changes in the digestion system.*Through adaptation and changes to your diet, this side effect can become more manageable.

  • As you do not need to consume as many calories, your body is functioning on less energy and – for the beginning stages until your body adjusts – this results in tiredness and fatigue. After your body adapts to the medication and your new “normal” in terms of energy levels, fatigue will ease.

  • Migraines and headaches are common side effects of Wegovy. Often, these are caused by dehydration, but can also occur due to low blood sugar, or a change to hormones. Drinking plenty of fluids should aid with dehydration.

Serious side effects of Wegovy

Serious side effects of Wegovy are rare. With that being said, it’s critical to be aware of the risks of taking Wegovy and the symptoms you need to look out for.

If any of the following occur, you must seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

  • An allergic reaction can be life-threatening.

    If you think you are experiencing an allergic reaction, stop using Wegovy immediately and seek emergency medical care.


    • Swelling of the face, throat, lips, tongue and eyes
    • Finding it difficult to swallow or breathe
    • Feeling a sharp pain or tightness in your chest
    • Flushing and/or swelling of the face
    • Vertigo and dizziness
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Intense fear or anxiety
  • The risk of developing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is elevated when taking semaglutide like Wegovy or Ozempic.

    If you believe you have low blood sugar, stop using Wegovy and speak with a healthcare professional.


    • Sweating and flushing
    • Increased heart rate
    • Vertigo and dizziness
    • Feeling particularly hungry frequently
    • Shaking
  • Roughly 4 in 5 cases of pancreatitis improve quickly when diagnosed and don’t cause further complications. That said, 1 in 5 cases are severe and can be life-threatening, resulting in dangerous conditions like organ failure.

    You should stop using Wegovy if you experience the following symptoms and seek medical care.


    • A sharp pain in your upper stomach
    • Fever
    • Vomiting and/or nausea
  • Wegovy can cause gallbladder problems like swelling or gallstones, some of which require surgery.

    If you notice the following symptoms, refrain from using Wegovy until you have spoken with a healthcare professional.


    • A powerful and sudden pain in the upper right side of your stomach
    • Pain rippling between your shoulder blades
    • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Clinical trials have studied the imposed risk of developing thyroid cancer when taking semaglutide, but these studies have been on rodents rather than humans.

    There is not enough information to formally link thyroid cancer to semaglutide (Wegovy or Ozempic), however you should not use this medication if you have personal or family history of thyroid cancer.

    Contact your healthcare provider if you notice any of the following symptoms.


    • A lump or swelling in your neck
    • Hoarseness
    • Shortness of breath
    • Having difficulty swallowing
  • Wegovy has been found, in some patients, to increase heart rate and provide heart palpitations.

    This can feel like your heart is fluttering unevenly or beating noticeably quickly.

    This can, too, trigger anxiety and panic attacks.


    • Feeling like your heart is fluttering or beating out of pace
    • Feeling the same sensations within the neck and/or throat

How to cope with Wegovy side effects

Many side effects of Wegovy are temporary and occur only in the adjustment period of your treatment plan. However, living with side effects can be challenging.

While rare, for some, Wegovy side effects can be too much to handle, causing a stop to their treatment plan before it truly had the ability to provide results.

That said, there are methods you can put in place to reduce the severity of Wegovy side effects.

How to cope with nausea and vomiting when taking Wegovy

If you are struggling with nausea and vomiting while taking Wegovy, try the following:

  • Reduce your portion size
  • Reduce the speed of eating
  • Try to pin-point your trigger food; keep a food diary to document everything you have consumed and track any correlating episodes of nausea or vomiting
  • Adjust your diet to only bland and dry low-fat foods (eg: crackers, toast, plain rice.)
  • Avoid foods that are high in water (eg: soup etc.)
  • Avoid junk food
  • Do not lie down straight after eating.
  • Ensure you are staying hydrated, consuming water or weak squash rather than fizzy drinks, juice, or caffeinated drinks.
  • Get fresh air daily, particularly when feeling nauseous
  • If extreme, speak with your doctor about anti-sickness medications such as cyclizine.

How to cope with constipation when taking Wegovy

Constipation is a common side effect of taking Wegovy due to the adjustments your body is making in your digestive system.

It can cause discomfort and, in extremes, pain.

To reduce constipation, try the following methods:

  • Eat foods that are high in fibre, particularly fruits and vegetables
  • Ensure you are staying hydrated with water or weak squash
  • Engage in regular and routine exercise. A daily walk is an effective place to start.
  • If extremely constipated and uncomfortable, speak with your pharmacist about using appropriate laxatives
  • .

How to cope with gas and bloating when taking Wegovy

Gas can be a painful and embarrassing side effect of Wegovy. There are, however, ways to reduce the severity:

  • Keep portion sizes small, and prioritising a balanced diet
  • Engaging in regular and routine exercise, particularly yoga.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • Avoid chewing gum
  • Drink peppermint tea
  • Apply an abdominal massage (either do so yourself or ask a family member or partner to do so.)

How to cope with headaches and migraines when taking Wegovy

Persistent headaches can vary from a mild to moderate side effect of Wegovy.

In extremes, this side effect can have a significant effect on daily life.

While this side effect is often short-lived, there are practices you put to use to reduce the severity:

  • Headaches and migraines, when taking Wegovy, are often caused by dehydration. As such, make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding caffeinated or fizzy drinks as these dehydrate you more
  • Use rehydration sachets
  • Prioritise rest and do so somewhere dark and quiet
  • Use a hot or cold compress, applying it to your head and neck
  • If needed, use over-the-counter pain relief (like paracetamol.)

If headaches persist, speak with your doctor.

How to cope with fatigue when taking Wegovy

Fatigue can make you feel weak and drained, and can still be felt after sleeping for a considerable amount of time.

The changes to your hormones alongside the fewer amount of calories you will consume when taking Wegovy is, most likely, the cause of your fatigue.

To cope with fatigue when taking Wegovy, try to:

  • Eat smaller meals more often
  • Focus on a nourishing and balanced diet
  • Prioritise your sleep quality
  • Practice healthy bedtime routines
  • Rest when your body tells you to do so
  • Get plenty of fresh air. Even a short daily walk will help replenish your energy.

Wegovy: frequently asked questions

MANUAL has the answers to your Wegovy questions:

Questions about taking wegovy:

  • It is not recommended to consume alcohol while taking Wegovy.

    Alcohol will not only reduce the impact of your medication and prevent weight loss but it will also increase the risk of unwanted side effects.

    Alcohol dehydrates the body. As a considerable number of Wegovy side effects can be brought on due to dehydration, this can begin a spiral of side effects, including headaches, fatigue, and dizziness.

    If you cannot abstain from alcohol while taking Wegovy, you should limit the amount of alcohol you consume.

    For men, the recommended maximum is two daily alcoholic drinks. For women, you should not consume more than one alcoholic drink per day.

    Avoid consuming alcohol directly after exercise or on an empty stomach.

  • You can drive while taking Wegovy, although it is recommended to assess how you feel after your first few doses before doing so.

    Medication impacts everyone differently. As such, make sure you feel you can concentrate and feel safe prior to driving.

  • Fatigue is a common side effect of Wegovy within the early stages of treatment, so it is considered normal to feel tired.

    It’s for this reason why you should ensure you know how you feel after your first few doses prior to operating machinery or driving.

  • Wegovy is not an addictive medication. Wegovy was designed for long-term weight loss and many patients will need to take Wegovy for a significant period of time.

  • You should not use Wegovy when you are pregnant. Using Wegovy could increase the risk of miscarriage or birth defects or complications.

    Healthcare professionals do not advise using Wegovy when breastfeeding, and also recommend abstaining from using Wegovy for a minimum of two months prior to trying to get pregnant.

  • As Wegovy is a once-weekly injection, you can take Wegovy with or without food.

    Unlike other weight loss drugs in oral form, Wegovy does not dictate when you eat.

  • For most patients, the Wegovy injections do not hurt due to the extremely fine needle.

    If you are particularly sensitive to needles, speak to your pharmacist about a numbing cream.

  • There is an oral alternative of Wegovy called Rybelsus. Unlike Wegovy, Rybelsus is not MHRA approved as a weight loss aid, but it can be prescribed by medical professionals off-label.

Questions about storing wegovy

    • How do I store Wegovy?

      You should store Wegovy in your fridge, between the temperatures of 2°C – 8°C.

      If you are unable to store Wegovy in your fridge, so long as the cap remains on, you can store your medication at a temperature between 8°C and 30°C for up to 28 days in the original packaging.

      You should not freeze Wegovy.

      Wegovy should be stored in the original packaging to avoid direct sunlight.

  • You should always check your Wegovy solution prior to administration.

    Wegovy solution should be clear and colourless. If the solution is cloudy, do not use it.

    Ensure, too, that you check the expiration date on the carton.

    You should never use expired medication.

  • Many patients enquire about travelling with their Wegovy pens and solutions.

    When flying, you are permitted to pack your Wegovy medication in your carry-on as fluid restrictions do not apply to medication.

    It is advised that you pack extra pens in the case that your flight is cancelled or delayed, or your trip is extended.

    When packing your Wegovy, ensure you keep it in the original container with clear, readable labels.

    Note that you are also entitled to bring a mini travel fridge or medical cooler on board. For longer-haul flights, this is highly recommended.

    Never pack Wegovy in checked luggage when travelling. Not only could your luggage get lost but the extreme temperature and condition changes could cause damage to the solution and render it unusable.

  • Dispose of Wegovy needles in a sharps bin. Do not throw away used needles in your household bin as this could be dangerous.

    After disposing of your Wegovy needles in a sharps bin, do not attempt to get it out again, filling only to the “maximum” line.

    You should store your sharps container somewhere safe and out of reach of children and pets.

    Used needles must not be broken or bent.

    Collection for your sharps container should be arranged with your local council. Some counties provide this collection for free while other counties charge a fee.

    To find out, you should contact your local council.

Questions about wegovy results

  • Your weight loss and the pace of your results will vary from person to person.

    Medication reacts differently for each individual, and will be influenced by the other weight loss methods you are putting into practice.

    There are indicators that will help you assess whether Wegovy is working for you, such as:

    Evident weight loss Tracking your body weight each week will allow you to see clear data.

    Reduced hunger and increased satiety Tracking your meals and hunger levels on a daily basis presents clear data.

    → **Improved overall health and health markers **Follow-up appointments that measure the progression for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar management will demonstrate the impact of Wegovy.

    It is critical to ensure you are tracking and monitoring key components such as your meals, exercise, and body weight to assess the impact Wegovy is having overall.

  • The treatment period for Wegovy will vary from person to person, however this medication was designed to be used for the long-term.

    You will discuss an overall treatment plan with your healthcare providers before obtaining a Wegovy prescription. That said, the duration of your treatment will be assessed at various stages while taking Wegovy.

  • The following table shows data collected from a clinical trial to represent the percentage of body weight lost at certain stages of treatment:

    Time-frame ⤵️Average % Body Weight Lost
    12 weeks6%
    20 weeks10%
    1 year15%

    It’s common to see a spike in weight loss during early treatment due to the adjustment period and encounter a weight loss plateau shortly after.

    It is important to continue with treatment as long as progress is being made, as well as partaking in regular exercise and consuming a low-calorie diet.

  • Wegovy does not guarantee weight loss. Rather, it is an effective aid to help facilitate a reduction in body weight alongside a reduced calorie diet, lifestyle changes, and increased exercise.

    To maximise weight loss with Wegovy, ensure you are:

      • Consuming a healthy and balanced diet
      • Engaging in routine exercise
      • Making the appropriate lifestyle changes
      • Learning and practicing healthy **weight loss strategies**

Questions about wegovy access

  • Wegovy is a prescription-only weight loss medication.

    Due to the strength of this medication and strict eligibility criteria, Wegovy requires routine monitoring and follow-ups with healthcare professionals, making it available only with a valid prescription.

  • To get a prescription for Wegovy, you will need to consult with a medical professional. This could be through a medically registered only expert (such as the medical team at Manual) or through your GP.

    Medical professionals will assess your suitability and discuss medical history to ensure it is safe and effective for you to use Wegovy.

    To be prescribed Wegovy, you need:

      • A BMI of 30 and above or
      • A BMI of 27 and above with a weight related condition
      • To have attempted to lose weight through diet and exercise previously
  • You cannot get Wegovy over the counter.

    Wegovy is a powerful medication that will need careful monitoring of progress and side effects by a healthcare professional. There is also strict suitability criteria that you will have to meet in order to take Wegovy.

    As such, Wegovy is a prescription-only weight loss medication.

  • Wegovy has not yet been released in the UK however it is due to become available in the year of 2023.

    If you require medical assistance with weight loss through weight loss pills or injections, consider the alternative weight loss aids available.

    Ozempic, for example, contains the same active ingredient as Wegovy (semaglutide). Providing you meet the eligibility criteria, you may be granted a prescription off-label to use Ozempic for weight loss.

    To receive updates about the release of Wegovy, make sure to sign up for email updates.

  • When Wegovy is available in the UK, you will be able to get Wegovy through the NHS providing you meet the eligibility criteria.

  • While Wegovy is not yet available, the cost of Wegovy in the UK will vary depending on where you are purchasing it from.

    It will likely cost an average of £200 per calendar month (£2400 per year.)

Questions about novo nordisk

  • Wegovy is the branded name for semaglutide (the active ingredient in Wegovy – a GLP-1 analogue.)

    Wegovy is manufactured by Novo Nordisk – a pharmaceutical company located in Denmark. They specialise in medicinal aids and devices for diabetes management.

  • Wegovy is FDA approved for weight loss in eligible patients. Ozempic, on the other hand, which uses the same active ingredient of semaglutide, is licensed as a diabetes management tool, though it, too, causes significant weight loss for many patients when used in tandem with a low-calorie diet and exercise.

  • Novo Nordisk do also manufacture Ozempic as well as Wegovy.