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5 Myths About the Little Blue Pill

If you’ve ever considered taking the little blue pill, also known as sildenafil, you might have felt a little hesitant...

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Why Alcohol May Be Killing Your Sex Life

Once thought to be an aphrodisiac, research shows that alcohol may actually be harming your sex life.

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Erections: What’s Testosterone Got To Do With It?

Things are looking up. We look at the link between testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction.

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ED and Younger Men Q&A

Here’s our guide to erectile dysfunction (ED) in younger men and what you can do about it.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease

When To Worry About Your Erection (Or Lack Of)

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Erectile Dysfunction – Why?

Our guide to the causes of ED (erectile dysfunction) and how to get your winning streak back.

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How Effective Are Erection Treatments?

Our complete guide to fixing erectile dysfunction - so you have all the options.

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Sildenafil, Viagra and Erectile Dysfunction. The Hard Facts.

All the sex. All the time. Or at least - whenever you like!

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Erections 101 – The Professor’s Prognosis

Geoffrey Hackett, Professor in Mens Health and author of the The British Society for Sexual Medicine Erectile Dysfunction guidelines gives his expert view of the causes and consequences of erectile dysfunction.

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Let’s Talk Sex: ED Treatments and Advice

Geoffrey Hackett,Professor in Mens Health and author of The British Society for Sexual Medicine Erectile Dysfunction guidelines, on the best treatments for erectile dysfunction.

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