Our medical team of experts

Enabling the mission of revolutionising how men approach health, they are at the core of the men’s wellness platform.

Medical Director

Dr Earim Chaudry
MBBS BSc (Hons) · MRCGP · DRCOG · PGCert (Hons)

MBBS BSc (Hons) · MRCGP · DRCOG · PGCert (Hons)

GPhC: 6149111
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Our Trusted Clinicians

These experts handle everything: they make sure you get the right treatments for your condition, handle your prescriptions, track and monitor your progress, respond to your queries and advise you along the way.

Al Patel
Pharmacist, Ind. Prescriber
GPhC: 2046773

Hanan Hadi
Pharmacist, Ind. Prescriber
GPhC: 2080337

Mohammad Abdel-Aziz
Pharmacist, Ind. Prescriber
GPhC: 2086766

Noor Alsati
Pharmacist, Ind. Prescriber
GPhC: 2082304

Ryan Benbow
Pharmacist, Ind. Prescriber
GPhC: 2079352

Soheb Ganchi
GPhC: 2067952

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Expert advisors

Ensuring that you get the very best treatments, we've left no stones unturned. That's why we have some of the UK's leading experts on board.

Professor Geoffrey Hackett

Dr Sharon Wong
BSc (Hons) MBBS (Distinct) MRCP MRCP (UK) DERM

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