Our monthly subscription includes ongoing support from our TRT specialists, including follow-up consultations with our clinical team, doctor’s letters, referrals, and the cost of your medication. Treatment starts from £59.99 per month.

Dr Chris Airey

Medically reviewed by Dr Chris Airey

BMBS MMedSc Dip ENDO, TRT Expert

Last Updated December 6, 2023

How treatment works

There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment protocol for low testosterone, as each person’s experience with low-T is entirely unique. Our TRT doctors will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and design a personalised, sustainable protocol for you which results in life-changing improvements. Here’s how the process works.

Initial Blood test


Start with a simple at-home finger-prick blood test which measures your total and free testosterone levels and find out if you have low testosterone levels.

  • Testosterone & Free Testosterone tested
  • Easy at-home finger-prick collection
  • Expert validated report

Enhanced Testosterone test

From £49.95

A comprehensive venous blood test is needed to confirm the initial blood test result, learn more about your health, and assess whether it’s safe to start treatment.

  • Venous collection (by a nurse)
  • Checks liver, kidney, PSA levels to make sure you’re appropriate for treatment.

Speak to a specialist Doctor

From £79.95

Discuss your results with a specialist doctor who will work with you to determine the most suitable treatment.

  • Video consultation
  • Private and confidential
  • TRT qualified experts


From £59.99 per month

If you are approved for treatment, receive your prescription medication directly to your door. Treatment includes ongoing support from the team, including follow-up consultations with our clinical team and the cost of your medication.

  • Injectable treatments starts from £110 per month
  • Topical treatment starts from £100 per month
  • Oral treatment starts from £59.99 per month

Testosterone monitoring and plan adjustments

Monitoring blood test £49.95

Regular blood tests are vital in TRT to ensure safety and efficacy. Tests are conducted at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and annually, allowing for timely adjustments to the treatment based on testosterone levels and to check for side effects.

Complementary therapies in TRT

One way to get the most out of a product is to invest in add-ons. They are available for many products and can help enhance your experience.

Fertility injection add-on

HCG is sometimes used as an adjunct treatment to help maintain fertility, testicular size, and function because external testosterone can suppress the body’s natural hormone production, including the production of sperm.

Price starting at £40

Oestrogen controlling medication

While our clinicians work to minimise the need for additional medication, individuals with higher body fat or predisposition to elevated oestrogen may require this supplement.

Price starting at £30

⚠️ Blood tests, Bacteriostatic water and injection supplies are not included in the subscription cost and we provide these at competitive prices.

Get started with a simple blood test

Take a quick online assessment to see if your symptoms are related to low testosterone and if you are suitable for treatment.

Frequently asked questions

  • Starting from £59.99 per month, our subscription includes medication, follow-up reviews with our doctors, doctor’s letters, referrals, and ongoing support from our TRT specialists, plus postage. There are no hidden costs – even medication reviews and replacements for failed blood tests are covered.

  • Consultation fees begin at £150.

    We provide both face-to-face consultations at our private clinics in London or Southampton, and video consultations for qualifying patients (under the age of 45 with an uncomplicated medical history), ensuring you receive tailored advice from our experts. Our clinical team will evaluate whether you are suitable for a remote consultation.

  • Our treatment plans are transparently priced with a starting cost of £59.99 per month for the subscription. This covers all medication costs and ongoing support from our clinical team.

    However, monitoring blood tests, bacteriostatic water, and injection supplies are not included in the subscription and are provided at competitive prices.

  • No problem. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

  • We are committed to providing extensive support to ensure our patients are confident and informed throughout their treatment. Our support includes:

    • An injection training support pack.
    • Access to instructional Youtube videos for self-administration guidance.
    • Unlimited 1-on-1 injection training video calls with a trained clinician.
    • Unlimited calls with a clinician for any queries or guidance needed.
    • Direct messaging with a trained professional via WhatsApp or other messaging platforms for immediate support.
    • Customer service team assistance for subscription management, renewal, and travel documentation.
    • Proactive outreach from doctors when necessary to ensure optimal care.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy is completely safe if you’re treated by a specialist doctor who regularly monitors your testosterone levels along with any side effects. If you have low testosterone symptoms that are impacting your daily life, the benefits often outweigh the risk of side effects.


    As with all medications, some people may experience side effects – however, they’re easily controlled and generally avoided with sensible doses and regular monitoring. Some possible milder side effects include fluid retention, acne, and increased urination. More severe potential side effects include gynecomastia (the growth of male breasts), worsening of existing sleep apnea, increased cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure, increased oestrogen levels, decreased sperm count, infertility, and an increased number of red blood cells. There’s also a risk of infection so it’s important that you administer the injections safely.

    Testosterone injections may increase your risk of certain health problems, such as heart attack, stroke, blood clots or a worsening of pre-existing prostate tumours or benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). However, these side effects can mostly be avoided or controlled through regular monitoring and other medications.

  • Everyone’s medical history is different so our doctor will prescribe a medication that works specifically for you. Successful hormone therapy involves getting just the right dose by the right delivery method for your individual needs. You’ll have the option of taking testosterone medication in the form of injectable, oral, or topical treatments.

    Testosterone injections are the most common form of medication as they are convenient and most effective for the majority of men.