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Although mainly thought of as a sex hormone, testosterone is essential for a healthy body and mind. Testosterone levels begin to decline with age and may decline too rapidly if you have a medical condition or another hormone imbalance.

Testosterone deficiency can severely affect your life, sexual relationships, and fitness levels. You can get testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to combat symptoms if you have low testosterone.

Below we look at how to buy testosterone safely and answer questions like ‘Where can you buy testosterone’.

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What is Testosterone?

A primarily male sex hormone, testosterone is made in the testes or the ovaries, depending on your sex. Testosterone is essential for reproductive and sexual development but also has other vital roles to play in the body.

For females, testosterone can affect sexual performance, including:

  • ability to orgasm
  • sex drive
  • vaginal dryness

Other female sex hormones in the female body are responsible for essential tasks like mood regulation and egg production.

In males, testosterone has a significant part to play and is required for the following:

  • development of the testes and penis
  • bone density
  • deepening of the voice
  • growth and maintenance of facial and body hair
  • muscle size, strength, and mass
  • sex drive
  • production of sperm
  • regulation of mood and energy levels

Without normal testosterone levels in the bloodstream, the body cannot function at its best. This is where TRT can help.

Why Do People Buy Testosterone?

People buy testosterone online to replace declining or low testosterone. Testosterone deficiency can be caused by age, illness, infection, or lifestyle factors. When you look at the role of testosterone, you can understand how low testosterone can negatively impact your lifestyle.

People may look to buy testosterone if they experience symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency, such as:

  • poor sexual function, including low sex drive, low confidence, or erectile dysfunction
  • weight gain and decrease in muscle mass
  • irritability
  • depression or anxiety
  • weak bones, leading to an increased risk of osteoporosis (a bone-thinning condition)
  • reduced body hair
  • tiredness and low energy levels
  • difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • poor memory and concentration

Some people look to buy testosterone if they want to boost their levels to improve fitness. Testosterone is directly related to muscle size and strength. Normal testosterone levels can promote a healthy weight and increased muscle mass alongside regular weight training and a balanced diet.

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Types of Testosterone Products

Testosterone therapy is only available with a prescription and comes in many forms. Below we look at the different testosterone products that can be given if you are diagnosed with low testosterone.

Gels (Androgel and Testim)

One type of testosterone replacement therapy is known as testosterone gel. This medication is applied directly to the skin on the abdomen, shoulders, or upper arms skin. The gel should be used somewhere that can be covered by clothes to avoid unintentional transfer.

Injections (Depo-Testosterone)

Testosterone injections are the most popular form of testosterone therapy. These injections allow testosterone cypionate (the active ingredient) to be absorbed into the bloodstream for the greatest effect. The needles are tiny, much like an insulin needle used in diabetics.

Patches (Androderm)

Transdermal testosterone patches are another common type of testosterone treatment. Much like other skin patches, they should be applied daily and left on for 24 hours. Testosterone patches are most effective if you use them at the same time each day, such as in the evening before bed.

Capsules (Methyltestosterone and Android)

Testosterone capsules are given orally but can have a higher risk of adverse effects. For this reason, capsules are not the first kind of testosterone treatment offered.

Boosters (Testofen)

Testosterone replacement therapy is a form of medication that requires a prescription. Testosterone boosters are not part of TRT but can be used alongside it or as part of a healthy lifestyle in people not diagnosed with low testosterone.

Testosterone boosters like Testofen are natural testosterone boosters that contain 100% safe and legal ingredients. They use natural ingredients like plants, minerals, and vitamins to boost male testosterone levels.

If you have testosterone deficiency, it is recommended to get testosterone replacement therapy to increase your levels. Although boosters can be effective, they are usually insufficient to bring testosterone back to a normal range as a standalone treatment.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is beneficial for men experiencing low testosterone symptoms. Some of the major benefits of testosterone therapy include:

  • an increase in sexual function, such as improved sex drive, better erections, and a reduction in erectile dysfunction symptoms
  • improved energy levels
  • better muscle mass and muscle-building ability during and after workouts
  • improved memory and concentration
  • less weight gain
  • stronger bone density
  • better mood

Risks of Testosterone Therapy

When taking testosterone replacement therapy, your doctor will ensure your medical history and medications do not interact with the treatment. As testosterone therapy is a medication, there are some risks involved with taking it.

Some of the risks associated with taking testosterone therapy include:

  • acne or other skin problems
  • risk of developing benign prostate growths, which can affect your ability to urinate
  • an increase in the development of prostate cancer cells if you already have prostate cancer
  • worsening of a condition known as sleep apnea, which causes breathing problems during sleep
  • polycythemia, a condition caused by an overproduction of red blood cells

Heart Attacks and Cardiovascular Side Effects

Research suggests that taking testosterone at high levels can increase the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular side effects. This could be related to high blood pressure, which is associated with high testosterone.

As testosterone replacement therapy is used to normalise your testosterone levels, it is unlikely to cause these side effects. You are more likely to be at risk of these if you take illegal testosterone boosters or anabolic steroids, especially if you have normal testosterone levels already.

It is legal to buy testosterone therapy online if:

  • you have been diagnosed with testosterone deficiency through a hormone blood test


  • testosterone replacement therapy has been prescribed to you by a doctor

It is illegal to buy testosterone online if you are not clinically diagnosed with low testosterone or have not been prescribed testosterone. Unfortunately, many illegal anabolic steroids online claim to increase testosterone levels, but these are unregulated and dangerous.

Natural testosterone supplements are safe, legal, and include natural ingredients to boost testosterone. These do not contain testosterone but can be used alongside testosterone replacement therapy to improve symptoms.

How to Buy Testosterone Online?

You can get testosterone online through a pharmacy, clinic, or doctor service specialising in testosterone therapy. You will need to:

  • speak to a doctor or complete a form regarding your medical history, medications, and current symptoms
  • take a testosterone blood test to determine whether you have testosterone deficiency or another hormonal imbalance
  • get a clinical diagnosis of low testosterone
  • be prescribed testosterone replacement therapy by a doctor

You should not buy testosterone online from any site that is not regulated or if testosterone has not been prescribed to you.

Are Anabolic Steroids and Other Products Offered Effective for TRT?

No, anabolic steroids may contain a high level of testosterone and other chemicals that are not safe. If you have low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy is the safest treatment for getting your testosterone back to normal. Testosterone treatment will be prescribed specifically for your current levels to ensure you get the correct dosage.

Know Your T

To understand if you have low testosterone levels, you should be aware of normal testosterone levels for your age. Men aged 18 to 99 should have a testosterone level of around 193 to 824 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

Follow Your TRT Treatment Regimen

Once you have bought testosterone online safely and legally, you should follow the regimen set by your doctor. You should not purchase testosterone from anywhere else or take more than prescribed. If your symptoms are not improving after using testosterone treatment for a few weeks, speak to your doctor.

Your doctor may also recommend improving lifestyle factors which can help boost testosterone naturally, such as:

  • eating a balanced diet
  • exercising regularly, including cardio and weight training
  • managing stress
  • getting enough good-quality sleep
  • taking herbal supplements to improve health and reduce the risk of nutritional deficiency

Testosterone production and regulation are essential for male health. If you have low testosterone levels or symptoms of testosterone deficiency, you should get a hormone blood test. This will determine whether testosterone replacement therapy is the right choice for you.

When buying testosterone online, only get it from a trusted and regulated seller who has prescribed it.

While we've ensured that everything you read on the Health Centre is medically reviewed and approved, information presented here is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor.

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