Recreational Viagra: Should You Take ED Drugs for Fun?

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22nd November 2021

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Using Viagra recreationally means using it even if you don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction, which is not advisable. Taking Viagra when you don’t suffer from ED can be dangerous, and may have a negative impact on your sexual prowess, as well as your physical and mental health.

Recreational Viagra Use: Why the Temptation?

Suffering from erectile dysfunction is not fun. No surprise there. So why do so many men look to ED drugs to have a good time? 

Using Viagra for fun can be seen as a trendy thing to do. Not used to get an erection, but to get an erection for longer. Thanks to social media, good old male bravado, and a rise in porn addictions, many men have an unrealistic expectation of what their penis should do – and see Viagra as the answer. 

The myth that the ‘little blue pill’ will keep you going for days and make you a “legend among men” may prove enough of an incentive for perfectly healthy guys to want to give it a go. But in reality, taking Viagra recreationally can be a really, really, bad idea.

What Is Recreational Use of Viagra?

Viagra is a prescription drug. Therefore, by “recreational use” we mean using Viagra for fun, with no prescription, and/or without an ED diagnosis or legitimate cause – outside of the licensed use.

If you’re considering taking Viagra, it’s important to understand how it works. Viagra contains the active ingredient, Sildenafil, which is a PDE5 inhibitor drug. These drugs target PDE5 which is the enzyme responsible for smooth muscle contraction within the blood vessels supplying your penis. By blocking the effect of this enzyme, more blood can flow to where it is needed at that crucial moment, which increases the chances of getting and maintaining an erection. It’s important to recognise that this blood vessel relaxation happens elsewhere within the body at the same time. It’s not limited to the penis.

Men may think of using Viagra recreationally for various reasons. It may be to impress a new partner or to boost their own sexual satisfaction. Recreational use of Viagra is also sometimes together with illicit club drugs like ketamine or poppers, for chemsex sessions. These can seriously put your health at risk, owing to a potentially lethal mix of drug-drug combinations.

Historically, Viagra has also been a recreational drug of choice among bodybuilders, thought to boost athletic performance. So common, in fact, is the recreational use of Viagra within this community that it has its own nickname – “Vitamin V”. It can help steroids reach muscles quicker and therefore increase athletic capability and muscle bulk. However, this is not what Viagra is intended to achieve.

Whatever the reason you’re thinking of taking Viagra, unless it’s because you have a prescription to combat erectile dysfunction, we urge you to think again.

Should You Take ED Drugs If You Don’t Suffer From ED?

Simply put, no! Unless you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and have a prescription from a legitimate source, you should not take Viagra – or any other Viagra alternative. There are multiple dangers associated with taking Viagra without ED which can put your health at risk.

Perhaps not the most serious risk, but an important one for any guy to be aware of is that a study into healthy men taking Viagra recreationally actually showed a reduction in erectile confidence. It showed that previously healthy guys suddenly found it harder to get it up without chemical intervention, with increased early onset psychogenic ED.

In our opinion, taking Viagra for fun really isn’t worth the risk of doing long-term harm to your sex life for a short-lived thrill.

What Are the Dangers of Taking Viagra for Fun?

If you decide to try taking Viagra without ED, it’s likely you’ve either bought it online from an unlicensed source, lied to a medical professional to get a prescription, or “borrowed” it from a friend or relative. Whatever the source, taking Viagra without a prescription specifically for ED can be dangerous.

A recent review found as little as 3% of websites selling Viagra were licensed pharmacies. Many unlicensed Viagra pills sold online will be counterfeit. This means they’ll likely not contain the advertised amount of active ingredient, so they won’t have the desired effect anyway. 

Even more worrying is that unlicensed, illegal pills could be passed their expiration date or potentially contain any other dodgy ingredient to bulk out the dose, leaving your health at serious risk.

Note: Manual is a registered and officially accredited online vendor for erectile dysfunction treatments. We are approved for distance selling, and will deliver discreetly to your door. 

Taking Viagra without an ED diagnosis can mask the fact that you’re actually really suffering and can jeopardise your long-term sexual performance. If you do have ED, fake pills can worsen the psychological effects, making you think you’re in worse shape than you really are. 

If you don’t suffer from ED, recreational Viagra use can negatively impact your sex life, with a reduction in performance and sexual satisfaction. The idea that the little blue pill will transform your sexual abilities far beyond what’s actually physically possible can leave you feeling inadequate, or disappointed with your performance when nothing was wrong in the first place. 

While Viagra has no physically addictive properties, what can start as an innocent experiment using Viagra “for fun” can lead to a more serious psychological addiction to the pill – so you struggle to perform without it. More and more younger men are suffering from ED, often due to psychological causes. An unnecessary psychological dependency on Viagra can lead to needing more invasive ED treatments in the long-term – like implants or injections.

Like any prescription drug, taking Viagra comes with its own set of potential side effects. The good news is that most men who take Viagra for ED don’t suffer them.

However, if you’re considering taking Viagra “for fun” and have, perhaps unknown, medical issues like low or high blood pressure, heart disease, or sight problems – Viagra can actually pose a very serious risk to your health.

Key Takeaways…

At the end of the day, Viagra is like any other prescription drug – it should only be taken when prescribed by an accredited medical professional. If you’re suffering with ED, the Manual clinicians can help you. If you’re not suffering with ED, we suggest you get your kicks without chemical intervention.

Erections aren’t always easy for millions of men in the UK. It’s no big deal. Choose from highly effective, clinically proven solutions.


Why do people take Viagra for fun?

Many men have unrealistic expectations of what their penis should be able to do, and so think that it will boost their self-esteem or popularity (with both sexes) to be able to hold an erection for longer. Unfortunately, recreational Viagra use can be dangerous to both physical and mental health.

How does Viagra work?

Viagra works by relaxing blood vessels so that more blood can enter the penis. However, this relaxation of blood vessels happens elsewhere in the body, as well, which is why taking it without a prescription can be dangerous.

Is it safe to take other ED drugs without suffering from ED?

No! Unless you have a prescription for Erectile Dysfunction drugs, do not take them. For one, many Viagra pills purchased through unlicensed means are counterfeit, and often contain unknown amounts of the drug.

What are the dangers of taking Viagra recreationally?

Studies have shown that men who take Viagra recreationally often form a sexual and psychological bond to the drug, in a sense becoming addicted, and in turn becoming less able to perform sexually without chemical intervention. On top of the physical harm taking prescribed drugs can do, frequent Viagra use can damage your sex life and the satisfaction you derive from sex over time.

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