Take control of
your weight

Our natural weight loss meal replacements and supplements help you control your calorie intake to handle hunger, curb cravings and hit your health goals.
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Weight loss can be hard
We get it. Diets can be tricky to stick to, you miss the foods you love, and life is busy too.
Our products make weight loss easier
Easy and convenient, precision-crafted natural solutions
Complete Nutrition Shake

Easily control calories and stay fuller for longer with our meal replacement shake

Starts from £29

Packed with protein and fibre, and low in sugar
Enriched with 26 vitamins and minerals
Quality real food, 100% natural flavours
Join more than 100,000 happy customers who have used Manual
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I get the chocolate hazelnut one and it keeps me full for hours. Always look forward to it because it tastes like nutella in a glass!
Jay. Trustpilot
Why our products simply work
Curb cravings and reduce hunger
The hardest part of any diet is the bit between your meals. Our shakes and supplements are carefully developed to halt hunger pangs.
Designed for a busy life
A simple supplement before you eat plus a healthy meal wherever, whenever - made in seconds - means balanced eating and calorie control is simple.
Natural, healthy solutions
We’ve put nature to work - our Glucomannan supplement is entirely natural, and our meal replacement shake is only made with real, 100% natural, non-GM, foods.
Meet our weight loss experts
Our team of leading doctors and nutritionists has shaped our complete nutrition shake to help men better manage their weight.
Stephen Fraser
Personal Trainer
Rob Hobson
Expert Nutritionist
Earim Chaudary, MD
Medical Director
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