Libido Alcohol & Male Libido: The Effects

Scientific research into the effects of alcohol on the male libido show that whilst alcohol can make you feel good, too much is bad for sex.

Libido How to Boost Male Sex Drive

Having a low libido can be distressing and upsetting, but there are plenty of things you can try to help improve your sex drive.

Libido Why is My (Male) Sex Drive So High Lately?

There is so "normal" standard for libido, however it's worth reading up on your sex drive and seeking help if you think you need it.

Libido What is Hypersexuality?

Hypersexuality has no single definition, but if your sex drive is disruptive to you or others, then it is definitely worth seeking advice.

Libido Loss of Libido in Men: Common Causes

Fluctuations in your libido are totally normal, as are different libidos between partners. Still, there are ways you can treat a low libido.

Libido What is Sexual Health?

Sexual health is not all about STIs and pregnancy, it's also about thinking more broadly about our sexual identity and relationships.